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Company Registration in Malta: A 10 Step Guide

Are you considering registering a company in Malta? With its strategic location, business-friendly environment, and attractive tax incentives, Malta has become a popular destination for entrepreneurs looking to establish their companies.

NCMB is a trusted financial partner, built for the speed and regulatory complexity of today, ensuring a fast and efficient business setup in Malta. 

1. Introduction to Company Registration in Malta 

When embarking on the journey of company registration in Malta, it is imperative to comprehend the intricate web of local regulations and procedures. Positioned strategically in the Mediterranean, Malta beckons international entrepreneurs with its hospitable business environment. This comprehensive guide elucidates the ten meticulous steps required for a successful company registration in Malta. 

2. Choose the Right Business Structure 

Before you start the registration process, it’s important to choose the appropriate business structure for your company. Malta offers various options, including: 

2.1. Private Limited Company 

This structure, often favoured by startups and small businesses, offers limited liability protection to shareholders and streamlines management. 

2.2. Public Limited Company  

If your ambitions entail going public and soliciting capital from the masses, the public limited company structure is appropriate, albeit accompanied by additional regulatory prerequisites. 

2.3. Branch of a Foreign Company 

For entities already registered abroad, the establishment of a branch in Malta is an option, operating as an extension of the parent company but adhering to local compliance. 

3. Reserve Your Company Name 

Selecting a distinctive and apropos company name is paramount. Malta’s Company Name Reservation System facilitates the verification of name availability and permits its reservation for a stipulated duration. 

4. Appoint Directors and Shareholders 

For a private limited company, a minimum of one director and one shareholder is requisite. These individuals can be either natural persons or corporate entities and are not obligated to be Maltese residents. 

5. Compilation of Necessary Documents 

Gather the necessary documentation, including: 

5.1. Memorandum and Articles of Association 

These pivotal documents delineate the company’s organisational structure, regulations, and operational procedures, mandatorily to be submitted to the Registrar of Companies. 

5.2. Due Diligence Documents  

Malta’s stringent anti-money laundering (AML) regulations necessitate meticulous preparation of identification and address proof documentation for directors, shareholders, and beneficial owners. 

6. Company Registration 

To effectuate official company registration, submission of requisite documentation to the Registrar of Companies is requisite. This process can be expedited through the Malta Business Registry’s online portal. 

7. Acquisition of Necessary Licenses 

The nature of your business activities will dictate the need for specific licenses or permits for legal operation within Malta. An exhaustive research and diligent application process is required for the procurement of relevant licenses. 

8. Establishment of a Business Bank Account 

Establishment of a business bank account is indispensable for financial transactions. Selection of a reputable financial institution and subsequent provision of necessary documentation is mandatory. 

9. Tax Registration 

Malta offers enticing tax incentives; however, registration for taxes is compulsory to avail these benefits. This includes Value Added Tax (VAT) registration when your turnover exceeds specified thresholds. 

10. Compliance with Employment Regulations 

If your company plans to employ personnel, strict adherence to labor laws is imperative. This encompasses employee registration for social security and adherence to comprehensive employment contracts. 


Company registration in Malta, though appearing labyrinthine, can be navigated with dexterity when armed with precise guidance. These ten meticulously outlined steps serve as your compass towards establishing your business within this thriving Mediterranean hub. Malta’s business advantages, including a streamlined registration process, a favourable tax framework, and a supportive business ecosystem, make it an eminently appealing choice for entrepreneurs. 

Whether you are an emerging startup founder or an adept businessperson, Malta’s conducive environment for growth beckons. However, considering the uniqueness of each enterprise, it is prudent to seek counsel from legal and financial experts well-versed in Malta’s intricate regulations. This ensures the tailoring of your company registration process to meet your individual needs and aspirations. Wishing you success on your journey to becoming a proud business proprietor in Malta! 

Are you ready to establish your business in Malta? Partner with NCMB for an expedited commencement. Contact our firm, your trusted financial partner, designed to navigate the velocity and regulatory intricacies of contemporary business. 

Jean Paul Apap Dougall

Senior Manager - Tax & Corporate Services

Petra Magro

Senior - Tax and Corporate Services

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