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NCMB is duly licensed to provide corporate services in Malta and can assist you with incorporating or registering your Maltese company, ensuring an official registered office address in Malta, or even act as company secretary and/or director for your entity.  

More detailed overview and key aspects:

At NCMB, we offer corporate services that are not only comprehensive but also backed by the distinction of being a licensed Corporate Service Provider (CSP) sanctioned by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). This license underscores our commitment to professionalism, compliance, and excellence in providing tailored solutions for effective corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and strategic growth. Our suite of services is designed to empower your business with the confidence to make informed decisions and confidently navigate the intricacies of the corporate world.

Some key aspects of our corporate services:

Forming or registering a company, partnership, foundation, or association in Malta can only be done by licensed CSPs like NCMB.  Our services cover assistance with pre and post incorporation requirements.

Once more this is a licensable service which we can offer at NCMB. Such service provides a real physical presence for official communications and legal obligations. With a prestigious address and dedicated handling of mail, we ensure your business maintains compliance and professionalism and spare you the cost of having to enter into rental agreements for commercial spaces.

Whether a corporate secretary and/or director or even Maltese resident individuals, we can ensure optimal entity governance. With us, you will have the comfort that the persons sitting on the board of your entity are duly licensed and competent enough to advice management, shareholders and promote positive stakeholder relationships.     


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Frequently Asked Questions

Only entities licensed by the MFSA can offer such services – NCMB holds a full-license and can provide any corporate services requested.

NCMB can offer a one-stop-shop solution and our services won’t stop or get transferred to another firm just as soon as the company is registered.  With us, you will have the comfort that on day two of its existence, the Company’s would already and automatically start being administered by a dedicated member of staff.

For starters, this would be a quick and highly cost-efficient solution to have a readily available address for your company.  Our service would also include calls and mail forwarding.  The service can also be upgraded to a premium package including the possibility of office workspace, logo visibility and dedicated internet connections.

We would recommend effective corporate governance frameworks that align with regulatory requirements. Besides ensuring timely statutory filings and maintaining current entity records and registers, we would also be able to assist the board by overseeing meetings including preparing and setting meeting agendas and minutes.

Our specific work

We keep the complexities to ourselves, instead focusing on providing you with the tangible end output that is important to your business objectives.

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Our managing partners are directly involved across each practice area, ensuring a unmatched level of expertise and strict quality control across every aspect of our firm.


We keep the complexities to ourselves, instead focusing on providing you with the tangible end output that is important to your business objectives.

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Our service delivery is tailored to each individual client. We go above and beyond to guide you through new territory, acting as your trusted financial partner at all stages of your growth journey.

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We offer prompt, proactive service. Our mentality is to support businesses with speed and agility in a commercial environment that is more competitive than ever before, not to slow you down.

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