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Whether you’re a resident in Malta or conducting business from abroad, we are here to assist you in filing your tax returns accurately and efficiently.

More detailed overview and key aspects:

Our tax team will ensure that your registration with the tax authorities is a seamless process, helping you establish a strong foundation for your tax compliance. Furthermore, we will handle the intricate task of preparing your tax returns, leaving no detail overlooked. 


Our professional yet friendly approach ensures that your tax obligations are met accurately and on time, giving you extra time for yourself


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Frequently Asked Questions

Missing tax deadlines can result in penalties and fines. Our team ensures timely and accurate tax filings, reducing the risk of errors and costly consequences.  We would also be able to help you mitigate penalties and interest by negotiating remissions, discounts, or instalment plans with the tax authorities

No, our services, whether compliance or advisory, can extend to cover any type of direct and indirect taxation such as stamp duty, VAT, ECO-tax, social security contributions, capital gains and property taxes.

Yes – since we are members of JPA International our reach stretches internationally and will still be able to guide you on tax implications outside Malta.

While the 5% tax rate is very much a possibility, there are a number of things which would need to be attended to.  Our tax team would of course make sure that all is in place to ensure that this applies if possible.

CRS is a global standard for automatic exchange of financial account information among tax authorities. It affects businesses engaged in international transactions, requiring them to report relevant financial information to tax authorities. We help you navigate CRS obligations to ensure compliance.

Yes, if your business deals with US entities or individuals, you may have FATCA obligations.  Our team can guide you in meeting FATCA reporting requirements, preventing potential penalties and ensuring smooth cross-border transactions.

CRS and FATCA have specific reporting thresholds. Our team helps you determine which accounts are reportable, ensuring accurate and timely submissions while avoiding unnecessary disclosures.

Our specific work

We keep the complexities to ourselves, instead focusing on providing you with the tangible end output that is important to your business objectives.

Partner involvement
& Expertise

Our managing partners are directly involved across each practice area, ensuring a unmatched level of expertise and strict quality control across every aspect of our firm.


We keep the complexities to ourselves, instead focusing on providing you with the tangible end output that is important to your business objectives.

Flexibility &

Our service delivery is tailored to each individual client. We go above and beyond to guide you through new territory, acting as your trusted financial partner at all stages of your growth journey.

Fast & efficient

We offer prompt, proactive service. Our mentality is to support businesses with speed and agility in a commercial environment that is more competitive than ever before, not to slow you down.

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